Free shipping from US Warehouse
Free shipping from US Warehouse
Hydro Jet™ High Pressure Power Washer - hydro Jet Power Washer
Hydro Jet™ High Pressure Power Washer - hydro Jet Power Washer
Hydro Jet™ High Pressure Power Washer - hydro Jet Power Washer
Hydro Jet™ High Pressure Power Washer - hydro Jet Power Washer
Hydro Jet™ High Pressure Power Washer - hydro Jet Power Washer

Hydro Jet™ High Pressure Power Washer

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Do you have dirty areas around the house that need to be cleaned?

Hydro Jet Washer

Still, doing the old and time-consuming way of cleaning your car or home? Clean any surface fast and effectively with the Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer. 

Hydro Jet Washer

HIGH-PRESSURE WASH — Transform your regular garden hose into a powerful jet pressure stream with Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer. Perfect for washing dirty sidewalks, car washes, dirty wood fences, brick walls, and more!

FITS STANDARD HOSES — Fits all ¾” standard garden hoses or car wash, and other sizes with standard 1” female hose connectors.

Hydro Jet Washer

TWO NOZZLE TIPS — Comes with 2 spray tips: Jet power stream and Fan spray.

HIGH-QUALITY BRASS — Designed with rust-proof and corrosion-resistant materials. Industrial-strength Brass connectors and high-quality aluminum alloy washer wand.

Hydro Jet Washer

HOW IT WORKS — Our Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer is used to clean dirt and mold on wood, aluminum, tires, glass, and concrete. Garden hose nozzle from cars and cleans patios, driveways, and second-story windows from the ground.

RUST & CORROSION RESISTANT — Stainless steel washer wand equipped with brass standard garden hose coupler instead of the aluminum body, Sturdy and durable, not easy to be bent, the product remains the same after a period of time compared with other wands.

JET NOZZLE - WITH FULL FORCE - Our hydro jet power washer has two replaceable nozzles. Under normal water pressure or pressurized water pump, when you change the jet nozzle, it will produce water with great impact, which can make you rinse easily to stains on the car.

HOW HIGH THE PRESSURE CAN GO? - It largely depends on the water pressure ordinarily in your water system. The garden hose nozzle only boosts that pressure to a limited degree, so if you have low pressure in your water pipes, attaching the Spray Nozzle may not be enough to get the water stream up to a high altitude

Hydro Jet Washer
Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer In Action 

Hydro Jet Power Washer is one of the best gadgets to use when cleaning surfaces (both dirty and slightly dirty). It is an amazing invention meant to make work easy, be it cleaning your car, pathways, home, and many more cleaning applications. To survive in this modern society, you have to maintain several things and put them in place. Staying tidy and clean is recommended for your health and that of your family.
It is the best and one of the convenient ways to make your surfaces clean. Starting from outdoor decking or your house walls. There are plenty of fake sellers in the market who are selling fake Hydro Jet Waser, and some competitors have designed them only to make money. Be careful! Buying the wrong hydro-jet will lead to more unexpected stress and annoyance.

Note: Older hoses may need a connector attachment to prevent leaking and provide an airtight seal. Pressure depends on your home's water pressure and some video demonstrations were recorded while attached to a pressure washer.

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Note: There might be a little delay in the arrival of your order because of the COVID-19 Situation.Hydro Jet™ High Pressure Power Washer


  • We have a warehouse in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia hence it will take us a maximum of 7 days to deliver the Hydro Jet Washer to these locations.
  • Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.

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Never received it

I never received the item, even more than 60 days after I ordered it. I got an e-mail stating that my order was "confirmed". I responded to this e-mail but never got an answer

Nice product

Using it from last 5 months, so far I've no complaints. It's a nice and cheap product.

Panosky Beaubrun

It's beneficial to me to have this, I'm saving on my car wash. It's easy to wash car with it.

barbara coats
Great Product

I am happy with the workings of hydro jet washer, it's a nice product

Dillon Mayers
Fast Shipping

We just received the new sprayer. It will be perfect to water our plants and clean our decks. The puppy loves it too! The customer service is impeccable and we will certainly be ordering again from your company!!