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Does Hydro Jet Really works?

We have sold more than 100,000 units of Hydro Jet Washer High-Pressure Power Washer. In our journey, we have come across so many questions like, does hydro jet really works or Is it safe to use or What is the PSI of Hydro jet and the most common one How's it different from those expensive mechanical pressure washer. 

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The hydro-jet washer is really a nice product, Otherwise, how can anyone sell more than 100,000 units of the same product. But what really matters is your purpose of use. If you are comparing this $30 gadget with those motor running jet washers like Karcher, Then it's a faint hope. Hydro Jet washer can not be replaced with mechanic jet washers.

The real work of hydro-jet washer is to narrow down the way of the water, As the water is passing form a narrow faucet it creates good amount of pressure which is good enough to clean the dirty windows, cars, floor and much more.   

It comes with three different faucet ones that can be used to clean the surface at the distance like windows, the second one can be used to clean the close surface like the floor and the other one is used to water the plants or you can use it as a sprinkler.

 The overall hydro jet washer is a nice deal at $30, It's the cost can be recovered just from one car wash. As you don't have to pay to the car wash, You can easily wash your car with the help of a Hydro jet washer. 

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